Products – Reporting Modules

astraia software for women’s health

The astraia software solutions offer a flexible and scalable data management tool with advanced medical functionalities. It has been designed for and in collaboration with healthcare professionals in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, to optimize their daily workflows.

The modular structure of astraia allows you to tailor the installation to your needs. Five highly specialized reporting modules cover a wide range of aspects in women’s health.

Our entry-level solution is a standalone installation, ideal for a private practice with limited connectivity needs. It then can be easily adapted as the practice grows and needs to upgrade. Any installation can be expanded into a highly complex network installation, with unlimited users, a multitude of interfaces and a smooth integration into the existing IT environment. You can pick and choose exactly what you need to help your workflow be most efficient.

The development of our software has been guided by the following goals:

  • Improve the documentation quality by creating common documentation standards for all the doctors in the clinic or practice to use.
  • Save the doctor time with the documentation; time that can be spent more productively directly with the patient.
  • Improve the workflow and guide the doctor throughout the examination, thus creating and supporting a uniform standard for your practice or clinic.
  • Provide a highly customizable tool to easily adapt reports, workflows, and documentation standards to your needs.

By using astraia you will have a comprehensive, structured, accessible and multi-modal documentation finished when the patient walks out of the door.

Every astraia installation comes with

  • Administration of patient records
    • Documentation of patient demographics and medical history
    • Easy-to-use navigation
    • Predefined structured data entry screens
    • Reporting tool for printouts with all relevant data, images and selected charts
    • Customized letter header for all your printouts created from astraia
    • Online help and medical references and explanations
    • Diary to book and manage appointments
  • Case summaries and automatic highlighting of significant examination results
    • Easy-to-use query builder
    • Screen configuration tool to hide fields, make fields mandatory, or add user-defined fields in order to tailor astraia to your specific workflow needs.
    • Audit tools for reliable quality control
    • Standardized medical terminology
    • Multiple languages and alternative screens to adapt to regional specifications
    • Possibility to share patient records with colleagues via email, pdf, fax or printout

International Quality Standards

Software used in a clinical environment has to fulfill the highest quality standards. Astraia software is classified as a medical device class IIa, and in Europe as IVD, so we know one thing is key: medical software has to be safe. 

In addition to regular internal audits, we undergo an annual external audit undertaken by our notified body to make sure all our processes are conform with ISO 13485.