astraia Breast Clinic

astraia Breast Clinic offers you a comprehensive tool for a detailed breast exam. The clear, step-by-step menu navigation will assist you with your documentation and evaluation of these examinations.

As with all other astraia programmes, the data input options are all based on the latest up-to-date scientific publications in this field of medicine. The examining doctor has the option of attaching graphic data like sketches or drawings to emphasise the clinical diagnosis. The terminology used for this is consistently based on the BIRADS classification.

astraia Breast Clinic includes:

  • medical history, including pedigree
  • indication for examination
  • clinical examination, including palpation (breasts and lymph nodes)
  • mammography (breasts and lymph nodes)
  • ultrasound examination (breasts and lymph nodes) MRM examination, including Göttinger-Score-System
  • invasive procedures
  • diagnosis (including drawing module to make sketch)
  • outcome