astraia Obstetrics

The astraia Obstetrics module enables you to monitor maternal and fetal health from pre-pregnancy through to delivery. For every pregnancy, no matter whether low or high risk, it is extremely important to record history, indication, all relevant measurements, findings and have an accurate documentation of your conclusions.

Images and measurements from ultrasound machines can automatically be transferred to astraia, where you can view, edit and store them safely. You can make measurements conveniently from your desk, transfer the data to the respective database field and make annotations in the image.

A growth bar appears next to the data field, indicating how your measurement deviates from the standard defined by the published expected value.
Furthermore, the corresponding reference chart can be viewed with a single click. There are hundreds of reference charts available as well as tools to help you select those which fit your patient demographics best.
The FMF London’s First Trimester Risk Calculation is built into the Obstetrics screens. The calculation makes use of data collected during a first trimester exam and is available exclusively for clinicians certified with the FMF London. Astraia maintains its status at the cutting edge of medical development and endorses research by supporting medical studies. An example of this is the joint EU project looking at improving the assessment of pre-eclampsia in the early stage of pregnancy andthe preventive effect of Aspirin (ASPRE, EUgrant #601852).

Key features at a glance

  • Covers the whole pregnancy and prenatal diagnostic
    • Antenatal history and diagnostic findings
    • Family history with pedigree builder
    • Complete ultrasound examination of fetus and maternal structure
    • Fetal and maternal Doppler screens
  • User selectable reference charts and graphical representation of measurement results
    • Documentation of invasive and non-invasive procedures
    • Genetic counselling
    • Various risk assessments (first and second trimester)
    • Documentation of diagnosis, outcome and conclusions