astraia Obstetrics

astraia Obstetrics | Pregnancy module incl. First Trimester Risk Calculation

astraia Obstetrics is our main tool for the comprehensive capture and management of data arising from examinations and patient diagnosis. It includes the FMF first trimester risk calculator, which is available to FMF certified and registered practitioners.

The astraia team continually reviews the product and scans the most important industry publications and scientific studies for new developments in the field of obstetrics and gynaecology, which are then immediately incorporated into the programme.

With its clear menu navigation and systems this product streamlines the processes of documenting and evaluating patient diagnoses. Based on your entries, the programme is able to make suggestions to further improve your work flow.

astraia Obstetrics includes:

  • documentation of antenatal history and diagnostic findings
  • complete ultrasound examination of fetus and maternal structures during pregnancy
  • detailed fetal echocardiography (optional) including cardiac biometry and Doppler
  • user-selectable graphs and graphical representation of measurement results
  • all invasive and non-invasive diagnostic procedures
  • complete 1st trimester risk assessment according to the Fetal Medicine Foundation London
  • fetal- and maternal Doppler screens
  • fetal and maternal assessment
  • risk assessment of prenatal delivery based on measurement of cervical length
  • risk assessment of pre-eclampsia
  • placenta evaluation
  • genetic counselling
  • follow-up examinations
  • family pedigree chart
  • diagnosis, conclusions and outcome of pregnancy

First Trimester Risk Analysis

This module calculates the risk for Trisomy 21 and Trisomy 13+18 using the algorithm provided by the the Fetal Medicine Foundation in London, UK (FMF).

The module for the First Trimester Risk calculation has exclusively been developed for the FMF and it takes full responsibility for this module. Any questions about the module should be posted directly to the FMF.

Only sonographers who have been certified by the FMF UK according to its directives and those who possess a valid FMF license may use the first trimester risk module.

Based on the detailed ultrasound examination and the maternal blood analysis and biochemistry, this module provides an algorithm that allows the calculations for fetal chromosomal defects and abnormalities in the 1st Trimester (i.e. Trisome 21) and problem pregnancies.

For any further questions regarding the risk calculation, please contact:

The Fetal Medicine Foundation (Registered Charity No. 1037116)
First Trimester Screening Program
137 Harley Street, London W1G 6BG
United KingdomTel.: +44 (0) 20 7034 3070
Fax: +44 (0) 20 7034 3071E-Mail: